What are we going to do?

ICOCOIN (icobi.com) is a trading platform founded by Linke Yang’s team with the focus on the global blockchain assets.

Firstly, ICOCOIN focuses on the intelligent transaction of global blockchain assets: integrating high quality currencies all over the world to this trading platform, building a one-stop intelligent trading service platform. Secondly, issuing of ICO coins: The ICO coins developed by us will support the crowdfunding and trade of various ICO programs in the world.

Secondly, issuing of ICO coins: The ICO coins developed by us will support the crowdfunding and trade of various ICO programs in the world.



ICOCOIN (icobi.com) is a trading platform focusing on digital currency and blockchain, which was established by a team with rich experience on digital currency and blockchain industry. We are committed to provide a safe, honest, fair and also transparent trading platform for the majority of digital currency and blockchain investors. Basing on a deep understanding of digital currency and blockchain industry, ICOCOIN platform adheres to the business philosophy of decentralization, which holds that project sponsors can recommend their projects, vote and trade on-line. The platform will carefully select a range of high quality and reliable ICO currencies so as to provide the investors reliable and stable investment categories.

ICOCOIN trading platform will work with the major security companies to share the resources of investors and digital currency investors. To put it simple, ICOBI.COM is the combination of the blockchain trading and Nasdaq.

Basing on years of trading platform operating experience and technical strength, Icobi.com will create a safe, efficient trading experience, and serve the broad investors, as well as provide 7 × 24 hours of online customer service and technical support and other intimate and reliable customer services.


About ICO Tokens

ICOCOIN's tokens are called ICO coin, and there are 200 million in total. ICO coin is decentralized blockchain digital assets issued through Ethereum. As the name suggests, ICO coin’s mission is to serve ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Our goal is to make ICO coin accepted by various of ICO crowdfunding projects, enabling ICO coin become the third digital currency after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today, most of the blockchain tokens are merely concepts, whilst the ICO coin issued by us will be implemented on tangible projects.

The value behind the token:
A.Support variety of coin which want to ICO.  The orientation of ICOCOIN : Using ICOCOIN to ICO. We will try to make ICOCOINs become a coin to support variety of block-chain assets to ICO. When most of the ICO support ICOCOIN, and then ICOtoken will naturally have the value.
B.Sponsored by ICO assests (to take 20% of the profit to repurchase ICO coin), the ICOCOIN platform will repurchase ICO coin with 20% of its profit income, happening quarterly on nonfixed date. The repurchase will be completely transparent as it will be operated through smart decentralized blockchain technical contract. ICO currency can buy any digital currency in the icobi.com; ICO projects on the icobi.com are supported by tokens.
C.Develop the sharing cooperation platform with major securities firms, the two sides to implement cross-linked stock and freely traded between digital currency. ICOCOINS will represent various of digital coins to participate in the sales of stocks in off –line securities firms . To put it simple, ICOBI.COM is the combination of the blockchain trading and Nasdaq.
D.how to make everyone accept ICOCOIN? We will do the following:
1、 In the future will be carried out to ICO currency-based coin trasactions, such as:ICO/BTC coins and so on.
2、Put down the 10% funds of digital currency assets to invest crowd funding platform.
3、To participate in various block-chain conferences to propaganda.
4、To cooperate with insider programs, so that ICOCOIN must become Chinese Bitcoin.


Tokens allocation

proportion Distribution plan Introduction
30% Development operations team For ICOCOIN research and development, operation. Expand development team and operations team
10% Private investor For the industry's well-known investors
50% ICO ICOCOINS will be used for Icocoin's operations, including development, marketing, legal and finance.
10% Pos locked reward Used to generate a reward for the lock

Our advantage

1.professional team

BTC China trading platform founding team,
6 years of digital assets, blockchain trading platform management experience.

2.The industry resources

we have a group of early Bitcoin users of the utmost support and support of the majority of Bitcoin fans.

3. The project practicality

do not fry the concept, do not paint pie, block chain industry's largest commercial applications.


who are we

Linke Yang
co-founder BTCC

Linke Yang was the co-founder of first bitcoin currency trading platform – BTCC in China. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the concept of Bitcoin. In 2011, Linke Yang introduced the advanced thoughts [详情]

Xiaoyu Huang
Co-Founder BTCC

He is the forerunner of Chinese first digital currency trading industry and a pioneer in China's block chain technology. He is the founder of Chinese first digital currency trading platform [详情]

Bofon Ding
BKM Group president

Bofon Ding involved in the field of digital currency in 2013. In 2015, he began to set foot in the exploration of the block-chain. Peking University Internet

Bianca Chen
Reuters Financial Reviewer

The only Chinese financial female anchor in Reuters of North America, she was overseas connection program special financial commentator for CCTV. Famous bilingual host, and financial columnist.[详情]

Chandler Guo
Angel investor

he COO of Btc123, start-up company angel investors, active in blockchain areas, have unique insights and rich information about global digital currency transactions. Mr. Guo is a senior advisor for ICOCOIN.

Welcome Global block chain elites to joining us...







周硕基 FBG创始合伙人,数字货币交易专家、区块链领域活跃投资人。作为区块链技术在中国的早期先驱实践者,同时也是中国数字货币社区的意见领袖,周硕基发起并管理了两只数字货币私募交易基金。



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